Stall booking form 2023

Catering stalls please contact

For everyone else, if you would like to take part in Croxley Revels:

  1. Complete online booking form.
  2. Make your bacs payment online.
  3. Forward a copy of your public liability insurance (at least £5 million).

Only once these are all received will confirmation of booking be made.

Additional notes can be found further down the page – please read carefully.

1) Online booking form

2) Online payment

Please only make your payment online through bacs (bank transfer) using the following details.

Payment toThe Croxley Green Society
Sort code60-00-08  
Account number01073222
Payment referenceYour organisation name

A list of the fees can be found further below.

3) Forward your public liability insurance

All stall holders and participants must ensure that there is, in force, adequate public liability insurance (at least £5 million) in respect of their own members, employees and/or members of the public.

Public Liability certificates must be valid for the date of the Revels. Please do not send us out of date certificates or insurance covering less than £5 million and it must be Public Liability cover and not Employers’ Liability.

Please email a copy of your certificate of insurance to

Additional information

Setting up & pitch numbers

  1. Pitch numbers will be listed on the website the day before the event.
  2. Stall holders may begin setting up their stalls from about 10.00am.
  3. For safety reasons, all vehicles used for servicing the stalls must be cleared from the site before 11:30am and may not return until the Revels are declared closed (approx 5.30 pm when the pushball competition is finished).
  4. No individual PA systems are permitted.
  5. The organisers discourage alcoholic prizes and would urge the participants to provide a mix of attractions with prizes to suit a wider range of ages. In any event, alcoholic prizes must not be given to under-age winners.
  6. No unauthorised collection is acceptable. Licensed collectors are organised by the Croxley Revels.
  7. The Revels organisation reserves the right to refuse entry to any unauthorised stall or attraction.


  1. The space denoted is the width of the pitch.
  2. Depth is approx. 6 mtrs.
  3. All activities must be confined within the booked space.
  4. The Society will provide the space and each applicant will be responsible for providing their own equipment i.e. gazebo, table, chairs etc.
  5. The stall holders will be expected to clear their own stalls and to take away all remnants of their activities including litter around their stall at the close of the Revels.
  6. No alcoholic drinks are allowed to be sold.


Charities, Clubs, Societies, AssociationsCommercial organisations (excluding icecream vendors)
3m (12 ft) wide at £353m (12 ft) wide at £70
7m (24 ft) wide at £457m (24 ft) wide at £90
11m (36 ft) wide at £5511m (36 ft) wide at £110
13m (42 ft) wide at £6513m (42 ft) wide at £135

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We welcome your feedback.

Any queries concerning stalls should be directed to the Revels Booking Manager,

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