The village’s annual celebration of mid-summer, shared by local organisations, clubs, societies and local businesses. Stalls, sideshows, activities, entertainment in the arena, “pushball” as well as the carnival procession.

To apply for a stall at Revels 2017 please complete the Stalls application form.

The Procession is changing

Following recent consultation and discussions we have now agreed for some changes to the 2017 Revels procession route.

Our aim is to bring the procession into the 21st century and be Greener - more environmentally friendly by removing unnecessary polluting vehicles. In addition a safe new exciting procession route we hope will appeal to all age groups and promote family participation.

The Revels is organised by a small group of selfless volunteers. To organise a procession we have to apply for a street closure order to close the roads around Croxley. This involves providing alternative routes, adequate signage, risk assessments, liaison and consultation with bus companies, emergency services to name but a few. We are also responsible for traffic management and providing marshals. There are significant inherent risks that we therefore are responsible for. Therefore to reduce these risks we have decided to make these changes. We hope you understand.

We also hope that by making the procession greener more clubs and schools will participate. The largest vehicle that will be eligible to enter the procession will be a mini bus but hope most will walk.

So whats the plan? We will still gather outside Croxley House for judging. This year there will be two new trophies that will be awarded to “Best School” and also “Best Spirit of the Procession”. The route:


To take part please complete the Procession application form.

2017 Programme

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